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Lowland residents want lower rates and taxes

Minister Mustacha documents a concern raised

Residents in Hope Low Land is asking for government’s intervention in reducing the amount of monies they pay in rates and taxes on a yearly basis.

The pitch for the lower rates were made to Agriculture Minister Zulfikar Mustapha who paid a visit to the community on the East Coast Demerara on Wednesday.

It remains unclear, how practical the requests would be given that rates and taxes produces funds to ensure the maintenance of community streets, drainage and roads.

The residents also also asking for assistance to be given to a number of persons who are squatting in the area. Roads and drainage were part of the concerns raised.

The agri minister pointed out that the concerns raised by the residents would be raised with the relevant subject ministers and agencies with a view of arriving at solutions.

He also reminded the residents that the ministry would only become aware of some of the issues each community when those communities reach out.

The access road to the community coupled with flooding whenever it rains heavily appear to be most burning on the residents list of things which they need addressed immediately.