Long-Distance Runner Jonathan Harris Commits to Career with Guyana Police Force


Yesterday, Jonathan Michael Harris, a long-distance runner specializing in the 5000-meter race for the Guyana Police Force, announced his decision to make the Force his career.


Harris has proudly represented the Force for the past two years.


Hailing from the community of Mocha, Harris expressed his lifelong ambition: “It was a childhood dream to become a police officer, so I can give back to my community and country. I really admire how Mr. Hicken helps out children, and I want to do the same.”


In addition to his athletic and professional pursuits, Harris is an active member of the Mocha Youth Group, under the guidance of Sergeant Griffith, Sergeant Gurucharran, Ms. Cave, and Ms. Annie.


Harris extended his gratitude to Mr. Amar Ram, Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the Providence Police Station management committee and founder of the Community of Hope Foundation, for the inspiration and mentorship provided over the months.


He also praised the Commissioner of Police and his Executive Leadership Team (ELT) for their transformative work within the Force.


Jonathan Harris is scheduled to meet with Commander of Regional Division 4’B, Superintendent Ramana, on Tuesday, May 21, 2024, in his office.