Linden gets E-Networks 4G, 5G and OnFiber internet services

Photo: Persons are already signing up at the Orange Bus in the Linden Bus Park

E-Networks Inc. has launched its 4G, 5G  and  OnFiber  internet  services  in  Linden enabling customers in  the mining town to access the same fast, reliable, and affordable services available in Georgetown  and  other  areas. This  announcement  came  after  the  company indicated its build-out of a fiber optic cable from Georgetown to Linden in September.

According to a statement from the company, the internet services start at $7,900 for 20 Mbps of speed, with options up to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps).

E-Networks has had a strong presence in Linden since 2018, when it launched DreamTV Satellite television services. This service allowed residents to access to premium entertainment, news, and sports channels in better image quality and at affordable pricing.

During this year, E-Networks has connected three new regions with high-capacity fiber optic, 4G and 5G services, with Berbice and Essequibo earlier in the year, and now Linden on schedule with the company’s promise made in September.

E-Networks team during a visit to Linden in September (CEO, Vishok Persaud, second from right, with L-R CTO, Gerald Singh, CCO, Abu Zaman, and Project Lead, Yannick Charles)

E-Networks’  Chairman,  Rakesh  Puri,  commented in the statement noting that company continues to place its focus on expansion, “with a keen emphasis on delivering better internet to underserved areas. After so many years of neglect under the monopoly, we feel compelled to correct the poor quality of services that Guyanese were forced to accept for too long.”

E-Networks’ sales affiliate and Lindener, Yannick Charles, was pleased that the company was able to fulfil its delivery promise by launching these services before the end of the year. He also expressed his enthusiasm for the imminent socio-economic development associated with more reliable and affordable internet connectivity.

E-Networks’ services are available in Amelia’s Ward, Central McKenzie, Speightland, Wismar, Silvertown, Silver City, The Valley, Half-Mile, One Mile, and Blueberry Hill.   Lindeners will also benefit  from  the  company’s  50%  off  promotion,  “December  to  Remember,”  so  that  new customers can save on signing up for E-Networks services during the festive season.

E-Networks has placed its Orange Bus in the Linden Bus Park on Republic Avenue to serve as a  hub  for  sign-ups,  with  an  aim  to  set  up  a  permanent  location  in  the  new  year.  For  more information, persons can WhatsApp: +592-624-5153 or visit: