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Linden Blue Lakes to be officially named tourist destinations

Linden Blue Lakes to be officially named tourist destinations

Persons taking a plunge into one of the Blue lakes in Linden Region 10

The Guyana Tourism Authority in association with the Regional Tourism Committee and other stakeholders in Linden, Region 10, will on Sunday officially name several Blue Lakes within the Mining Town as tourist destinations.

The moves come even as November is designated tourism Month and the GTA through the Ministry of Tourism Industry and Commerce and with support from the government of Guyana is looking to broaden the prospects of open spaces for tourism activities especially in the context of COVID-19 which mandates congregation in open spaces compared to enclosed areas.

“It has always been something that Guyana has enjoyed like our creeks but the Blue Lakes are pretty unique. It has generated a lot of interest of interests with tourists and people have been visiting” Minister of Tourism Industry and Commerce Oneidge Walrond told BIG Smith News Watch in an exclusive interview Wednesday morning.

The Blue Lakes in Linden represent locations from which Bauxite ore was extracted. During the excavation process, water sprang naturally from the water table and refilled the holes forming them into lakes. Additionally, water from nearby springs flows into those lakes on a contentious basis which runs into nearby creeks.

According to Min. Walrond, the government and GTA is looking to have the whole idea and experiences at the Blue Lakes regularised and that recreational activities can be done within a structured manner in keeping with ways that attract tourists.

The Blue Lakes according to Minister Walrond are raw beauty that presents a real breath-taking adventure for persons who wish to truly have a great tourism experience.

“We will develop them more, we will add more activities like kayaking, sports tourism activities and build up the immediate surroundings so that it’s comfortable for families and tourists who wish to spend an entire day at those locations,” the Tourism Minister told this publication.

She stressed that the idea of the development of the lake will no doubt provide employment for persons within the region which would see a boost to its local economy as a tourism circuit inclusive of Rockstone, the lakes and other historical sites within Region 10 become attractions for local, regional and international visitors.

The Guyana Tourism Head was asked about the safety of the lakes and their water for those who would be seeking to have a tourism experience there going forward.

“A lot of persons are concerned about the safety of swimming in the Blue Lakes but a series of tests would have been done in partnership with the operators who manage the sites and Guyana Water Inc. (GWI) to test and see if it is safe to even be in the water. That process is completed and rests assured to the citizens, it is safe for swimming” GTA’s head Kamrul Baksh told BIG Smith News Watch.

He said that outside of that, persons did raise concerns also about the dumping of refuge in and around the spaces of the lakes but those issues are being looked at.

Previous misunderstandings in relation to ownership have also been ironed out with an integrated committee now actively working to enhance the experience at the locations.

When it comes to the Blue nature of the water, the study found that this is caused by a process where diffraction of natural sunlight flips into rainbow colors, much of which is absorbed into the water leaving only blue and green lights reflected. This then presents that pristine blue/ turquoise color. A similar occurrence takes place in oceans and seas.