LCDS draft document translated to indigenous languages to facilitate consultations

To facilitate better engagements with Guyana’s indigenous people on the Low Carbon Development Strategy 2030, the draft document was translated to the languages spoken by the various tribes.

In an interview with the Big Smith News Watch, Ovid Williams, a representative of the LCDS team, explained that “for the Caribs in Region one, we had to translate the text in the book to their language.”

As it relates to the Arawak and Warrau people, he said they speak Lokoja but since the language is almost extinct, English is understood. However, efforts will be made to translate the draft document to Lokoja.

The pillars from the LCDS 2030 draft for consultation will also be translated into other languages.

Williams said that in 2017 a translation team was established and there are currently two translators for each indigenous language. The main focus of the translating team is to translate the main pillars of the LCDS 2030, which will be published and distributed soon.

He highlighted that these translations are important, and they will help to simplify the LCDS 2030 to the various Indigenous groups, since in many cases, the villages have persons who are not fluent in the English language.

The LCDS representative stated that he is pleased that in many cases “the participants that are sent to represent these indigenous communities speak English, so they are able to easily explain it to their communities when they return.” This is usually beneficial since, once English is understood, both parties can communicate smoothly.

Further, he stated that this is important since it will allow Amerindians to easily understand the LCDS 2030 strategy, and with understanding, their ideas, thoughts and suggestions will flow, thus contributing to the final document.

Williams informed Big Smith News Watch that apart from print, the team will reach out by radio to broadcast information on the LCDS 2030. In certain regions, the data will be translated, and the audio will be sent to the radio stations. He explained that radio Aishalton will broadcast the LCDS 2030 strategy in the language of the Wapishana, while radio Paiwomak and radio Lethem will broadcast in the Macushi language. Further, radio Bartica will broadcast in the language of the Akawaio. In addition, radio Madhia will broadcast in the Patamona language and radio Mabraum and Orealla, will broadcast in the language of the Warrau.