Lawyers try to distance ‘Two Colours’ from murder in closing addresses

Attorneys-at-Law made their final arguments to the jurors on Thursday in the murder trial of Lennox Wayne, called ‘Two Colours’, who is accused of the July 10, 2014 murder of Lusignan, East Coast Demerara (ECD) cosmetologist, 19-year-old Ashmini Hariram.

Media reports are that the woman called ‘Monisha Hariram’ and her cousin were walking along Lusignan Public Road, ECD, on the day in question, when they saw a burgundy motor car parked along the road.

A few minutes later, Hariram was shot in the mouth. It was reported that another man admitted to being the getaway driver while Wayne reportedly gave Police a caution statement admitting to the crime.

Hariram was relieved of an $8,000 cell phone but no attempt was made to snatch a gold necklace she was wearing.

Wayne’s legal team led by Attorney-at-Law Ronald Daniels, in their closing address, urged the jury to find their client not guilty of charge. They distanced their client from the fatal shooting, pointing out that he was at another location at the same time.

However, Senior State Counsel Lisa Cave, cast doubt on the defence’s case. In so doing, she reminded the jury of the testimony of a prosecution witness who puts Wayne at the murder scene.

In light of this and other compelling evidence, prosecutor Cave argued that all the elements of the offence were proven beyond a reasonable doubt– in that it was Wayne who shot and killed the young beautician.

Demerara High Court Judge Jo Ann Barlow will sum up the evidence in this case next Tuesday, June 28 at 9:15 am before putting it to the jury for deliberations on a verdict.

This is Wayne’s second trial for Hariram’s murder; his first two trials ended in hung juries.