Lance Corporal dies days after fight with police sergeant

Dead Police Lance Corporal- Don Carlos Alleyne

The Guyana Police Force is being called upon to provide answers to a mother of seven whose eldest child, a Police Lance Corporal died at the Georgetown Public Hospital on Saturday; hours after he was reportedly beaten by a Police Sergeant. Dead is 25 year old Don Carlos Alleyne

Both Alleyne and the sergeant worked at the Special Constabulary Headquarters located on Princess Street Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown.

In an interview with the BIG Smith Crime Watch on Wednesday, the mother of the dead policeman, Jocelyn Ambrose explained; that when she went to identify her son’s remains at the morgue, there multiple visible marks of violence to his forehead, neck, chest shoulder.

A postmortem report which was seen by BIG Smith Crime Watch stated that the young policeman died as a result of internal bleeding and blunt trauma. We were told that on 04th May, 2019, Don and the police sergeant got into an argument which lead to a fight on the police premises. During the fight, Don was reportedly cuffed, kicked and slapped about his body and also beaten with an object.

After the beating, despite being physically scared, the sergeant placed the lance corporal under close arrest rather than ensuring that he was taken for medical attention; an action which isย  aclear breach of the standard operating procedures.

Further to that, the young man was told that if he left the premises he was be booked as absent. He was left that the Princess Street location for a while and it was during his close arrest period that he began losing consciousness. Still not satisfied, the sergeant told the rank that he was faking the loss of consciousness.

After some time, however, he was allowed to leave the Special Constabulary on his own to seek medical attention.ย Little did they know, is that after the young man checked himself into the Emergency Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital, he died a few hours after, at approximately 14:25 pm. Before his death however, he had reportedly told health workers of what had happened to him and why he was at the facility.

After the young man passed away at the hospital, he was taken to the morgue. It was only on Tuesday that the mother of the young man as well as members of the Guyana Police Force became aware that the police Lance Corporal was dead.

This was after checks were made for him after he did not show up for work since Saturday and given the fact that police at the Special Constabulary were aware that the last known place he left to go was at the hospital, checks were made there.

On Wednesday, efforts to make contact with the Deputy Commissioner Paul Williams who is in-charge of the force administration proved futile. Efforts to also contact the Public Relations Officer of the Force were unsuccessful.


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  1. No more guyana police farce

    A disgraceful terrorist organisation…

  2. People need to share these stories plenty to bring awareness to these situations that people are living in, in Guyana. These people in authority need to learn self control and respect for others too … it should have never gotten that far. I find that authority figures in Guyana are always too happy to show their powers . Now a mother loses her son this close to Motherโ€™s Day. In such a senseless way. I hope they jail the murderer for life, for his stupidity. Sleep in peace young one

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