Laminated vaccination cards still not widely accepted

The enforcement of proof of vaccinations for public offices as well as businesses continues to be ad hoc. Based on our investigation, the need for proof of vaccination is not being enforced at many places in the city. There is also the issue of what type of proof is being accepted. Some offices want to see the actual vaccination book known as the “blue book,” while others are accepting the laminated copies

Access to certain services like  the General Registrar’s Office, Department of Citizen Office and offices of the Guyana Revenue Authority located in the Guyana Post Office Building downtown has been described as difficult.

One person told this publication that they had presented laminated copies of their vaccination book to the security guard who proceeded with a temperature check and sanitised. When they got to the GRO’s office, they were told that laminated copies of the vaccination books are not being accepted.

We have been told that while access to the building is supervised by the GPO, the other offices within the building have their own policies in reference to proof of vaccination.

Then there are businesses complaining about “slow business”.

One business owner who spoke to this publication explained that “traffic” to her business has been slow since proof of vaccination became a requirement. She said that she had not totally enforced it since she had equipped her business place with sanitizers and enforced strict mask wearing and physical distancing protocols. She explained that even with that business remains slow since customers are assuming that they have to show proof of vaccination.

Another business owner speaking under the cloak of anonymity said his business has taken “a beating”, “it has been hard and nobody explains the way forward, you don’t hear the chamber people talking about this sloth in business,” the man said.

Another operator from the popular mall even though proof of vaccination is needed to enter the location and to access his store, it seems like showing proof of vaccination has been relaxed, “they had to, it has been killing us here.”