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Khemraj Ramjattan would be my Prime Minister- Granger tells Hope Town Rally

President Granger, First Lady Sandra Granger and APNU+AFC PM Candidate Khemraj Ramjattan 

Hours after descending from his airborne journey to the Region 5, President David Granger confirmed to thousands of APNU+AFC supporters that Alliance Force For Change leader Khemraj Ramjattan would be his running mate in the upcoming polls in March of this year.

While this was highly anticipated and expected given the original Cummingsburg Accord that saw the Coalition of the APNU+AFC, several years ago and which spoke to how the Prime Ministerial Candidate for the Coalition would be selected, there some amount of confusion for the pick.

The confusion came about after incumbent Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo who was leader of the AFC lost to Ramjattan, which effectively makes Ramjattan the Running mate for whoever the APNU decided to put up as the presidential Candidate, the decided to go with the Incumbent, David Granger for a second time.

‘Khemraj and I are going in to win a great victory for Region 5. We are going in together because we are better together, we are stronger together, we moving forward together” the president said to resounding applause and cheers from a crowd of thousands who gathered at the Hope Town Community Centre Ground, West Coast Berbice for the APNU+AFC’s second major rally.

President David Granger’s comment comes a few days after the Coalition launched it’s rally at D’Urban Park in Georgetown where all speakers steered clear of referring to Ramjattan as the Coalition’s PM Candidate for the poll in March, a development that attracted media attention.

The APNU signed a revised Cummingsburg Accord but Director General and PNC Executive Member Joseph Harmon is reported in sections of the press earlier this week as stating that the entire accord would not be released. There were questions as to if President Granger was going to accept the AFC’s pick for Prime Minister as his running mate for these elections.

“When APNU and AFC were separate, people were laughing Kac kac kac, now we come together we are going to make this region an agricultural power house” Granger noted.

“You have heard from My Prime Minister Khemraj Ramjattan about the statistics of how this region has been developing” President David Granger stated as he continued to solidified the notion and alleviate any doubt that Ramjattan would be his running mate for the upcoming polls.