Keep the land – Norton tells Ogle land lease holders

Leased lands legally obtained should not be returned to the state says the opposition APNU+AFC. On Friday, the Coalition called on “persons who have purchased or leased lands and other properties to not return them,”. The coalition said these lands were legally obtained. The party’s statement comes as the PPP administration said it will institute civil proceedings against Former Minister Winston Jordan as well as several companies that acquired “prime lands” in Ogle on the East Coast of Demerara. Senior PNC Executive Aubrey Norton reading the coalition’s statement called on the government to “desist from dispossessing Guyanese of their legally acquired property,” Norton said.

Attorney General Anil Nandlall said that several entities have returned documents in relation to the Ogle lands, those he said the government will not take legal actions against. But Norton is advising those entities to keep their documents, “They should keep the land, the lands were issued legally,” Norton maintains. Norton said too the lands were sold in keeping with law “valuations were done, the NICIL board approved it, the board is a legal entity,” Norton asserted.

The government have identified a number of land leases it said was sold below value. It said it is planning to take legal action against holders of those leases as well as a former government minister.