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A screen grab of the post made by one Earl Milton which the police flagged as false

The Guyana Police Force has flagged as FALSE, a Facebook post which seeks to suggest that a Sugar Truck full of weapons was intercepted on the Corentyne Coast on Tuesday.

The force has indicated that the Divisional Commander, Senior Superintendent Calvin Brutus has also confirmed that there was no such report or development emanating from his division of such nature.

With the impending election season, persons are reminded that they need to be very careful of some of the information which pop up in their social media feeds and elsewhere and be mindful to check and double check those to guard against being influenced.

The false Facebook post was made by someone who trades under the name Earl Milton on Facebook.

Acts such as the one made by Milton could be considered ‘Public Mischief’ which is an offence in Guyana. It can also be considered as ‘Inciting Public Terror’ which is also an offence in Guyana.

The Guyana Police Force in its statement did not clarify if they have initiated an investigation into the Facebook post so that the person or person who are behind it can be brought in for questioning.