Joint venture signed between Guyanese and Brazilian entrepreneurs

See the full statement below from the Global Chambers of Business Leaders:

The GCBL (Global Chambers of Business Leaders) delegate to Guyana, Mr. Suresh Ramkissoon (Jorge), CEO of the company IBN (Intelligent Business Network), executive member of the Rupununi Chambers of Commerce and Industry, director of the PanAmazonia association in Guyana and executive member of the Brazil/Guyana Chamber of Commerce acts as an authorized agent in the promotion and consolidation of business between the private sector of Guyana and the private sector of Brazil.

And through the consultancy of the company IBN, a joint venture was signed between groups of Guyanese investors and a group of Brazilian Agribusiness entrepreneurs, focused on the cultivation of soybeans in the country of Guyana, with the purpose to fullfill local demand and for export market.

Regarding the business organization of the PaAmazonia association, a delegation of 28 entrepreneurs, with economic expression, from the state of Amazonas and the state of Roraima, visited the country Guyana on April 5th, 2022, in its capital, Geogetown, with the defined objective of meeting with Government authorities and Guyanese entrepreneurs, for the prospection and realization of business.

And for its immediate consequences of the business rounds, the Guyanese Ministry of Agriculture insisted on the participation of the IBN company into Agri-Invest, from where several heads of state shared their vision, for their regional collaborative efforts in the Caribbean and surroundings, to ensure the food security of their populations.

The participation of the country Brazil in this commercial context is of great importance, for the food security of the member countries of the CARICOM trade agreement (Caribbean Common Market).

And in the interest of anticipating the challenges to be faced by IBN, PanAmazonia among the other organization were present at the historic signing of the contract to pave the 122 km stretch of road between Linden and Mabura, Guyana, a work that will be carried out by the Brazilian Company Queiroz Galvão, which we extend our friendly hand with objective of keeping them until the final kilometer, in this endeavor to Brazil.

Mr. Ramkissoon who was accompanied by another associate of PanAmazonia, businessman Mr. Jimmy Trigo, thus, sharing this historical testimony, which is only the beginning of a lasting relationship between Guyana, Brazil, and why not affirm, with the rest of the world.

And Fernando Pessoa’s poetry is opportune: “navigating is necessary”.

Therefore, the company IBN, PanAmazonia and associated entrepreneurs are “navigating” to the planned and accessed conquest of new markets.