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Javon Harris: Giving young singers an opportunity he yearned for


He owns the Chanz Record studio, named after his alias ‘Jackie Chan,’ operated out of his living room in East Ruimveldt, Georgetown.

Javon Harris, a young musician, singer and producer is on a mission to give young people in his community opportunities he yearned for during his teen years.

“All the talent in the ghetto, we all know that so I’m glad that I can change people’s lives and give them opportunities,” Harris told the BIG Smith News Watch in this week’s edition of FOCUS.

Harris said his passion for music was birthed in church where he first started out as a drummer before learning to play the guitar, keyboard and later singing.

Losing his mother at the tender age of 14, the now 21 year old said his life has not been an easy road. His father who early on in life lost one of his legs, was left to take care of six sons.

“That was like the hardest time of my life because she left all my brothers with my father alone and it was really hard. I have a lot to put into music with that,” he said.

The young producer said he managed to finish his studies at the North Ruimveldt Multilateral School and continued at the Chase Academy.

At this time, he also earned several accolades from his ability to participate in Track and Field events.

After completing his Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Examination, he teamed up with five of his friends to form a group called TMM (Too Much Money).

Javon Harris: Giving young singers an opportunity he yearned for
Javon and the members of his crew

Explaining the meaning behind the name, Harris said his team aims to make a lot of money from their music careers but remain humble.

“We came up with a plan to make a studio and started making music so it can take us out of the ghetto. [We’re] just looking to see how music can make life for us in the future,” he said.

With support from his father and brothers, Harris was able to convert his family’s living room into a studio.

But not long after, he lost his father in 2020. Because of the time invested by his father into his business, Harris said “I am eager to make it in the music industry…Once my music goes out there and it reaches international level, it is all because of my father because he started this.”

The 21-year-old rents his studio to other young people looking to promote their talent in the industry.

However, he does not stop there as he also provides free records for persons who cannot afford his rates.

“If you come and record and I know that you don’t work, you got a free recording because that is how I wanted it to be and I know that I am going to make people big so I’m glad to change people’s lives,” he added.

Moving forward, Harris is looking for support to build his studio in a more comfortable space. This he said will reduce the discomfort suffered by his brothers when he is working in the nights.

His advice to other young people is simply to “Just focus.”

The producer pointed out that “it is a hard road and you can always be mislead so push yourself, always stay focus, and don’t every let anyone tell you that you can’t do it because I did it without parents.”

His work can be found on social media by typing ‘ChanzRecords.’