itel invests millions in Guyana Contact Center operations

The company which acquired the Camp and Robb Streets Call Centre in Guyana, says it has so far invested over US$1M in upgrades and plans to invest a total of US$4 million to bring the site to a world-class standard by July 2022.

itel, a regional customer experience provider last year acquired Emerge- a business process outsourcer. The company led by its Founding Chairman and CEO, Yoni Epstein, aims to attract world-class talent and brands that will generate a US$20 million infusion into the local economy.

In a statement on Monday, the company said it has added more than 450 new positions and made significant changes to the previous facility’s structure and operations. It boasts of increasing salaries and providing competitive health insurance benefits along with incentive programs for employees.

“Most importantly, itel is investing in building a retention culture by nurturing career development through continuous training, mentorships and new job opportunities that allow employees to explore different career paths,” it noted.

Focused on enhancing the employee experience at their Georgetown location, itel said it will be introducing new upgrades and internal infrastructure improvements that will prepare the team for massive business expansion. Throughout the summer of 2022, the company expects to hire an additional 500 people.

“We are investing in our people and investing in creating an inspiring workplace where they can thrive. We want to dispel the myth that contact centers offer only one path. Our business provides an opportunity for career growth with a gateway to many possibilities,” Epstein was quoted saying.

itel’s upgraded facility will feature furnishings, modern workspaces and vibrant décor that reflects the company’s four core values of quality, integrity, reliability, and family.

“We want to put a spotlight on the immense potential of Guyana’s talented labor pool and the investments in infrastructure that make it an attractive destination for the outsourcing industry,” he said.