Intruder chopped by home owner in Berbice

A cutlass bearing home intruder was chopped about his body on Wednesday morning at approximately 03:30hrs as he attempted to break his way into the home of a mid-aged couple of Lot 57 Vryman’s Erven Housing Scheme, New Amsterdam.

The information reaching BIG Smith Crime Watch suggests that the home of a 53 year old and 63 year old was under attack by the 20 year old suspect who was identified as Paul Young, a resident of Angoy’s Avenue.

The man reportedly used a cutlass to prised open a window to the couple’s home and entered the building. He was confronted by one of his victims who he chopped to the right arm and palm of his hand.

The victim instinctively armed himself with a cutlass deal the suspect a number of chops about his body causing him injuries to his shoulder, hand and foot.







The police were then called in and they arrived promptly and escorted both the victim and suspect to the hospital where the suspect was placed under guard as he was attended to by medical practitioners at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital.

Meanwhile the victim has since communicated to the police that he is missing a laptop computer and checks are still being made to ascertain what else might have been removed from the property.


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