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Improve the service and people will spend their money- Tourism Minister urges

A woman rows her boat past Adel’s Tourists Resort as she makes her way further up a tributary creek of the Pomeroon River 

As the tourism sector gracefully bounces back from the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic, the government is pushing operators of destinations locally, to improve and enhance quality so that the tourism experience can be fulfilling both for locals and foreigners that would make them want to return.

Tourism Minister Walrond is captivated by craft products on sale in the community of Capoey Region 2 Essequibo

The call was made by Minister of Tourism Industry and Commerce Oneidge Walrond who conducted a Safari/ familiarization visit to Region 2 over the weekend where she, along with members of the press, the ministry, and the Guyana Tourism Authority visited a number of tourist destinations within Essequibo.

A Beach area along Amanda’s Resort at Lake Capoey

“I saw a comment where one person said a public servant can’t really travel Guyana because they only make sixty-eight thousand dollars a month and to come on a trip is twenty thousand. I hasten to say that when people see the value then is when they will spend their money,” Minister Oneidge Walrond said over the weekend as she called on the operators to make their facility of a standard where people spending their monies to visit, will not have regrets.

She referenced the fact that persons would spend more than $30,000 to acquire a United States Visa and they do that because they see value in acquiring that piece of document.

A flock of birds in a low flying formation along the Essequibo River bank just as the sun rises

“We find that Guyanese don’t really understand this precious product that we have here in Guyana called tourism” Minister Walrond noted

The Tapakuma Lake is a very beautiful site. Once the creek level is low, the breathtaking white sand beach adds to the magnificent  layout and view

During the tour over the weekend, the minister and team visited Amanda’s Resort at Lake Capoey, Lake Mainstay, Tapakuma Lake and Adel’s Resort in the Pomeroon River.

Vast bodies of water running through several tourist destination villages in Essequibo are taken full advantage of by children

Minister Walrond reminded that Guyana has a unique tourism product that if managed correctly, would do wonders for Guyana.

“So the media have to stress on the value… that is Guyana, and get familiar with the beauty and the goal that we (government) have. It is called tourism in Guyana… in all aspects… agro, eco, sports, culture. The rich diversity of our people is a selling product and when we go and speak of tourism in the foreign countries, the fact that we are so diverse, Diwali and all of these things are selling points for us and we need to appreciate this beautiful country” the minister stressed.

One of the many paths leading to adventure, relaxation and fun in Region 2

The minister noted that the pandemic has brought about some changes in how tourism is done around the world and also referenced the reality that tourism was one of the hardest-hit sectors by the pandemic.

A reading area for guests ar t Adel’s Resort in the Pomeroon River. This experience is complemented by continuous singing of birds swaying of trees with the wind 
A massive wooden structure lining the Pomeroon River banks

It was pointed out that getting to some destinations will require additional infrastructural works and the Government is working along with the private sector and operators within the tourism sector to have those addressed.