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‘I am not talking to press today’- Top Cop

Commissioner of Police Leslie James

Commissioner of Police Leslie Albert James today snubbed the media on the sidelines of an event at the Guyana Police Force Officers Training Complex in Georgetown.

“I am not speaking to press today”

James who a few weeks ago told the press that he was not necessarily bothered about the crime situation has been evidently engaging the press in a lukewarm style.

At the unveiling of the Guyana Police Force Christmas Security Plan, the Top Cop was asked to clarify his statement about not being not being necessarily concerned about the crime situation.

“I am still not bothered” was the response the commissioner provided as his response as he further stated that he hopes that it puts to rest the situation.

Commissioner James’s decision not to engage the press while walking through the corps of journalists with rolling cameras and recorders on, comes at a time the force is receiving is dealing with a number of topical issues including allegations that a female police rank beat two women at the Rose Hall Police Outpost, the beating in the face of a civilian with a handcuff by a uniform police rank, a number of road accidents, allegations of inappropriate conduct and contract awarding by a Deputy Commissioner of Police and the recalling of force issued forearms to the narcotics unit of the police force, just to name a few.

I think I said something to you just now, so talk to you on a next occasion, thank you, excuse me” James responded when he was again approached by the media who by that time had surrounded him for comment on a number of issues.