Human Services’ Minister offers support to woman abused by father businessman

The Big Smith News Watch on Friday published a story of a young woman who was abused by her father with the most recent incident caught on CCTV. In a social media post on Saturday, Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindhya Persaud said: “This is horrifying and my heart goes out to this young woman who suffered so much.”

She noted that the Ministry which she heads is supporting the young woman adding that “her courage is remarkable for speaking out against these unconscionable and atrocious acts.”

A 25-year-old young woman who is the daughter of a popular and well-connected businessman, reported to the police that her father has been verbally, physically and mentally abusing her and the other members of her family for more than ten years.

Her breaking point was last week when her father kicked and slapped her as he usually does but this time, she came forward because there was a video to support her story.

The woman had contacted the 914 hotline for help and got a Survivor’s Advocate to help her through the Ministry of Human Services. Dr. Persaud said her Minister will continue to offer support and services to the victim.

In her interview with the Big Smith News Watch, she spoke about the unprofessionalism with which the situation was handled by the ranks of the Guyana Police Force at the Kitty Police Station. She disclosed that even after revealing threats to her life, her father was still allowed to carry his firearm. Further, the police filed the matter without any charge for the assault causing grievous bodily harm despite there being a video showing the physical abuse. Instead, three lesser charges were filed with the court including abusive language.

The police force in a statement on Friday evening said an investigation has commenced into the matter by the Police Office of Professional Responsibility.

“The OPR has launched an investigation with a view to determine whether all the SOPs were followed by the investigating ranks from the Kitty Police Station.” the police statement said.