House lots bringing more jobs to Lethem with “Dream Realised”

With more than 400 house lots being distribution in Lethem, Region Nine, the border community is on its way to embracing modernisation. The distribution of these house lots which was done through the Ministry of Housing and Water “Dream Realised” programme is also expected to see the creation of jobs.

The Ministry said that there are some 925 pending applications for that Region Nine. Its Central Housing and Planning Authority developed a new area, Tract ‘CHPA’ in Lethem, Region 9 and most of the new house lots will be located in this area.

This new housing development is expected to yield some 849 lots for residential and commercial activity, the Ministry said. 500 would be available for low, moderate and middle-income residents.

On Monday, Minister of Housing Collin Croal noted that the exercise will assist in the reduction of the housing deficit in the region. He said that this will add towards the Ministry’s overall target of 10,000 house lot allocations by the end of 2021.

“In 2022, we intend to begin works to the tune of $1.5 billion on infrastructure in Track ‘CHPA’ in the vicinity of Poke Bridge New Housing Scheme,” Minister Croal said, “This will see approximately 700 households receiving water, electricity and the construction of roads, community playgrounds and other facilities and a school. Contracts for these works will soon be signed, as we have already put out the call for tenders.”

This housing project is expected to expand the job opportunities in Region Nine according to Minister within the Housing Ministry Susan Rodrigues.

“All of those materials and labour will come from the region, so there is going to be massive development in this region and in the local economy,” Minister Rodrigues said.

The Housing Ministry is also currently upgrading roads in the Tabatinga Housing Scheme, to the tune of $94 million and the installation of street lights will also be done in the Tabatinga and Culvert City Schemes.