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Hospital issues statement on Wilbert Benjamin’s transfer

Hospital issues statement on Wilbert Benjamin's transfer

Earlier this week, BIG Smith News Watch carried an article captioned: Man dies shortly after ambulance transporting him runs low on Oxygen and which surrounded the transfer of Berbice Sports Enthusiast Wilbert Benjamin from a private hospital in Berbice to the Georgetown Public Hospital. The hospital has since reached out to this publication and provided the below statement surrounding the transfer of Mr. Benhamin.  

Dear Editor,

This statement is for the purpose of clarification of Mr Wilbert Benjamin’s Transfer from Anamayah Memorial Hospital to an institution with a Neuro Surgical Unit.

Transfers are made to other institutions after necessary prerequisites are met. Firstly, a diagnosis is confirmed after all supporting investigations are completed. The institution making the referral then makes direct contact with the institution receiving the patient. A Physician to Physician Call is made to determine the best management plan for that patient.

Mr Benjamin’s underlying condition was directly related to brain injury secondary to bleeding. He had most likely received trauma to his head following a motor vehicle accident in August. His CT‐Scan brain done in August at the hospital suggested no apparent abnormalities. His recent CT‐Scan of Brain however suggested intracranial haemorrhage. Only two scans were performed.

Mr Benjamin was referred to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital where he was received at the Emergency Department. He left from the Anamayah Memorial Hospital in a condition where his vital signs were maintained without support. However shortly after he left he started to de‐saturate and was unable to protect his Airways. The nurse during transport made an advised decision to return to hospital for intubation and ventilator support.

Patient was intubated and placed on respiratory support and stabilised then continued on the journey. Oxygen was available throughout the process during the transport of the patient with reserves. The patient remained in hospital until the Berbice Bridge was reopened at 16.00 hrs. During the journey to Georgetown, Mr Benjamin’s vital signs and oxygen saturation remained within the normal parameters and the hospital was assured that care would be available at the other hospital.

The hospital is unable to detain a patient against their will, and the allotted time for the recovery of a comatose patient is undetermined. The hospital cannot comment on events following the transfer of the patient.

Management (AMH)