Holistic approach to fight the pandemic needed – Opp Leader (ag) Forde

The APNU AFC coalition is reiterating its call for “a holistic approach” to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. In an address by Opposition Leader (ag) and lawyer Roysdale Forde said that there isn’t “enough attention” being paid to ensuring that the “preventative measures” are better enforced. These preventative members include wearing masks, social distancing, avoiding crowded spaces, washing of hands often and sanitizing.

Forde’s statement comes as the government through its public regulations continues to insist that persons entering or working in public buildings be vaccinated.

Forde in his statement on Thursday said that there seems to be no exemption system in place for persons who because of existing medical conditions, are unable to take a COVID-19 vaccine.

“The science has established that transmitting and contracting of the virus is possible irrespective of vaccination status. It is therefore a commonsense approach that testing should be done across the board in order to be able to identify and contain the spread of the virus,” Forde said.


The Opposition Leader (ag) said that testing should be made available at every health institution across the country, free of charge.

“The need for proper public education and national consultation on these matters cannot be understated. The highhanded, dictatorial approach being adopted by the PPP/C regime continues to erode public trust resulting in increased vaccine hesitancy,” he pointed out.

These issues combined with the exponential increase in the cost of living, the increase in crime and the high rate of unemployment, insufficient supply of WHO approved vaccines, the poor and deteriorating healthcare, lack of Personal Protective Equipment, all combine to create a very unstable environment, the Opposition Leader (ag) said.