High Court trial for man who killed father of new born baby 

Widow: Bibi Ackleema Ally and their new born baby girl shortly after she was discharged from hospital

Karim Charles was on November 11, 2019 committed to stand trial in the High Court for the murder of 24 year old Mohamed Arshad Ally which took place on March, 1, 2019 at Bennett Dam, Rosignol, West Coast Berbice. 24-Y-OLD KILLED ON WAY TO SEE HIS NEW BORN BABY

The preliminary inquiry into the murder of Ally was ongoing at the Blairmont Magistrate Court and on November 11, the magistrate found there was enough evidence for the accused to stand trial in the high court for the offence of murder.

Dead: Mohamed Arshad Ally

On the day in question Ally was on his way to the hospital to visit his wife and their newborn baby girl. The two had only recently married and had their lives planned out. Mohamed Arshad Ally never got a chance to see his first born.

In a recent interview with BIG Smith Crime Watch, Mrs. Ally said that the family feels justice is now on the horizon.

“I feeling good because we wanted to know how it de stall up all the time so we are now hoping for the best and that we will get justice” Widow Bibi Ackleema Ally related.

Charles who lived next to the family would reportedly threatened them constantly according to what BIG Smith Crime Watch was told on the day of the murder. Ironically, the spot where Ally was killed on that fatal afternoon when he was attacked by Charles with a metal object, was the same spot Charles has previously attacked Ally prior.

Before the murder, there were several reports which were lodged with the police about Charles threatening behavior to the Allys’ but the family was reportedly told that he, Charles was of unsound mind and that there was nothing they could have done.

It took the family weeks before they actually told Ackleema what really happened to her husband as relatives debated on how to break the news to her. Plunged from a happily wedded wife to a sorrowing widow; raising a fatherless child