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He tell me he gon kill my mother but i hide it from her- Child recalls as dad kills mom

Terrence Jackson and his reputed wife Somattie Keasoram

After stabbing his reputed wife Somattie Keasoram and slashing her throat leaving her to die on Thursday night before escaping their Lot 36 Virginia Village, Cane Grove Mahaica, East Coast Demerara home, 56 year old Terrence Jackson was arrested by the police on Friday morning.

The home where the family lives

Speaking with Shelly Jackson 16 years old this morning at their home where the incident took place, she recalled the violence plagued relationship her mother and father had over the years.

“A lot of time he does tell me he gon kill my mother, he gone stab she and so but I hide it from she which is my fault too and he ain’t had no right to do such thing because now we both left without somebody” the young woman told BIG Smith News Watch Friday morning.

She said her mother was constantly accused by Jackson of having affairs with more than one men, but particular a gentleman who drives a car in the village. On Thursday night, the accusation continued.

We were told that the woman came home and had her dinner and an argument ensued between the two and the woman in seeking to quell the drama, came to a decision which reportedly escalated things.

“She told him peacefully that she is not sleeping with him tonight and then she turn and told him that she only need the mattress and netting cause meh ah sleep ah ground and you ah sleep comfortable on the bed” her daughter recalled.

Dead: Somattie Keasoram

Shelly said her father told her mother he wants to sit one last time in the chair and turned and asked her if she had a problem with him sitting in the chair because her ‘other people purchased it’

The young lady said her mother works hard and she could attest that her mother was not doing any of the things that her father accused her of doing as she questioned where he has been coming up with the various allegations from.

“She told him leave, come out and she said if you can’t come out meh ah come out and he ain’t moving and I could ah swear he would a took his things and leave peaceful without saying goodbye. So he go inside the back room; took his black jersey and he go at the back there and go into his bag and take out the knife. I could ah swear he would ah ah come and give her couple punch and black and blue and beat she or something but when i see the blood start spray I left shock I could not say anything” Shelly Jackson told BIG Smith News Watch in the presence of older family members.

As her mother was being butchered by her father, the young lady said that she ran and began punching him but he turned his attention to her and she had to run while calling out to an older villager.

At that point the man picked up his bicycle and left the area, she recalled. This is the second woman to have been stabbed to death their partner over the last two weeks.