Harmon urges Gov’t to accommodate Vincentians if that becomes necessary

With over 20,000 residents of St Vincent forced to evacuate after the La Soufriere volcano began erupting on Thursday, Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon is urging the Government of Guyana to put systems in place to provide refuge if necessary.

“We urge that if it becomes necessary, the PPP regime puts suitable measures in place to accommodate Vincentians in Guyana who need to be evacuated and relocated,” Harmon said in a statement on Friday.

Tremors began on Thursday morning and erupted on Friday morning halting evacuations in some places as the smoke decreased visibility.

The University of the West Indies (UWI) Seismic Research Centre has reported that once there is one explosive eruption, it is likely others can occur and can continue for days or weeks. Several communities may be affected by solidified lava pieces, volcanic ash, and hot gases while others will be affected by ash depending on the wind direction.

The Opposition Leader expressed solidarity with the people of St Vincent who are facing challenges as a result of the eruption.

“We are disturbed by the eruption and pray that all persons in the affected areas are safely evacuated and there is no loss of life or injuries. We hope too, that there will be minimal damage to and loss of property,” Harmon said.

He further stated that Guyana has always been at the vanguard in providing assistance to sister CARICOM nations in times of difficulty and need as he pledged the Opposition’s support  to providing necessary assistance.