Guyanese Manpower and Recruitment Agency obtains Global Accreditation.

Pandora Energy Inc, a Guyanese company, which has been providing human resources to several international companies who are currently supporting the Oil and Gas sector on and offshore Guyana, has been awarded with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) accreditation.


Established 2019, Pandora Energy started out by providing 15 workers to the sector, however that number has grown significantly over the years.


The company has achieved international standards of Seafarers Recruitment Placement and Service Providers for International Certification (SRPSP), whilst paving the way so that Guyanese can have the opportunity to be a part of the Oil and Gas sector in Guyana and other countries in the region.


According to a press statement from the company, prior to obtaining ABS accreditation in accordance of the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) Certification 2006, the company has engaged an external assessor from Panama to perform independent audit of its systems for MLC 2006 Certification ICS accreditation as per the standard regulations 1.4, A1.4 and guideline B1.4 of the MLC 2006.


The company states that after producing evidence of its compliance in accordance with ILO\MLC 2006, regulation 1.4, they were issued the certification of SOVC for SRPSP.


Pandora Energy Inc has expressed gratitude to its clients that have trusted in the services they offer, and the Guyanese seafarers who continue to build their capacity, arming them with international accreditation.


“Cloaked now with ABS accredited MLC certification, we will continue to place workers on a wider scale for ocean going vessels.”


The company is committed in ensuring that Guyanese nationals get first preference in the opportunities that are being provided to work on and offshore in the oil and gas sector.


According to Pandora Energy Inc, “Our track record of which we are proud have, expanded in the manpower services industry with a large cadre of Guyanese seafarers and other CARICOM nationals working onboard vessel fleet in Guyana, Trinidad, Suriname & Peru.”