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Guyanese man wanted for murder is murdered in Suriname

Guyanese man wanted for murder is murdered in Suriname

Medellin Orlando Evans for whom the Guyana Police Force issued a wanted bulletin in March 2020 was killed in Suriname on Saturday evening.

Orlando and his brother Carlos Evans both had wanted bulletins issued for them by the GPF after information suggested that they were responsible for the murder of Tony Bisnauth which occurred on March 13, 2020, at Carriage Road, Rosignol, West Bank Berbice.

In News coming out of Suriname, it was noted that Evans, 34 was stabbed about the body by a man with whom he had an argument.

During that argument, Evans pulled out a handgun to shoot his rival but the gun snapped. At that point, his rival rushed into him and stabbed him several times before making good his escape.

The assailant was later arrested by the police who launched a hunt for him.

Back in 2020, Evans and his brother reportedly killed businessman Tony Bisnauth as he celebrated his 78 birthday outside his business place. The Evans brothers and one other person showed up at the location where the businessman and his close friends were celebrating.

They demanded cash and jewelry from the persons there and Tony refused to comply with the demands of the bandits and was shot in his head