Guyanese fugitive ‘Pretty Boy’ gunned down in French Guiana

Notorious Guyanese criminal Edward Skeete called ‘Pretty Boy’, who had a lengthy rap sheet that included murder and armed robbery, was gunned down on Thursday in French Guiana.

Details surrounding the killing are sketchy, but it appears that Skeete was riding a blue scooter when he was shot.

Video footage seen by Big Smith News Watch shows Skeete lying motionless on a roadway with hysterical women nearby as they struggled to stop bleeding from his chest.

Skeete, 32, had resided at Lot 309 Independence Boulevard. He was said to be a shop owner.

He was previously charged with killing businessman Bedi Ramjewan, 40, during a mid-morning robbery at Crown Dam, Industry, East Coast Demerara, on April, 27, 2011.

It was alleged that the accused shot Ramjewan in the chest and beat him in the head with a helmet. Ramjewan had reportedly just left a commercial bank in the city when Skeete and an accomplice pounced on him and escaped with some $2M. However, Skeete was freed on February 24, 2015, after a jury returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty.

Five months later, police posted a wanted bulletin for Skeete for the execution-style killing of Rayon Clementson, 27, a Mocha, East Bank Demerara resident. Clementson was gunned down at Turning Point, Tucville. Ayodele Solomon, of Tucville, was wounded in the attack.

Skeete again beat that murder rap. But he was back in the news again in April, 2019, when he was remanded for allegedly shooting Zayne Fenderson in the leg and robbing him of $900,000 on Lombard Street, Georgetown.

He also survived two execution attempts in 2020.

On August 2 of that year, he was seriously wounded during a shooting incident in ‘Magic City,’ a club located in Garnett Street, Kitty. A taxi driver, Raymond Lindo, 21, was killed.

Four months later, ‘Pretty Boy’ was again wounded during a clash that was allegedly between rival gangs over the selling of ganja.

He was also previously charged with possession of arms, for resisting arrest and assaulting a policeman.