Guyana Lottery Company to launch $80M gaming centre

As $84 million investment will grace Mandela Avenue, East Ruimveldt, Georgetown, on Friday. The Guyana Lottery Company (GLC) will officially be launching its new Company-store, the ‘BLAST Gaming Centre’. This centre is being hailed as investment that will cater to gamers who enjoy the company’s sports betting, virtual, and Video Lottery Terminals (VLT) brands.

The centre promises an ambiance that is unmatched anywhere in Guyana as are expected to get a chance to ‘cash-in’ on amazing prizes in the comfort of a secured environment. In 2017, the Guyana Lottery Company expanded its portfolio with the launch of Video Lottery Terminals (VLT’s) with the brand name BLAST, a new and exciting addition to the dimension of games-of-chance already offered.

Available in more than 25 gaming rooms countywide, from Berbice to Port Kaituma and Kwakwani to Lethem, BLAST is a favorite pastime in all 10 Regions of Guyana. The expansion and accessibility are important factors on the Guyana Lottery Company’s radar to ensure that those who wish to play the games can do so conveniently.

The Guyana Lottery Company said that it would continue raising the bar by offering new and improved games that thrill and captivate players and will be rolling out company-owned stores offering fantastic player-experience. The Company noted that the environment is safe and secure, and responsible gaming protocols and Covid-19 regulations have been put in place.