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More COVID vaccines for Guyana, Russia among suppliers

Guyana is gearing to receive more vaccines as well as target other groups for immunisation against the coronavirus. On Monday, Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony said that even as the ministry plans to expand this immunisation campaign against COVID-19 it is dependent on the supplies of vaccines.

“We have been working to ensure that we get a constant flow of vaccines, we are expecting vaccines from COVAX and once we get those, we will reassess at that point,  where we are and maybe we can lower the age range a little ,” the Minister said.

Guyana is also expected the Russian produced vaccines sputnik soon. The Ministry of Health is on a campaign to ensure that persons 60 years and older are vaccinated, that campaign started last week.

“We know that older persons would make up somewhere around 60,000 to 65,000 persons in our population so once we have completed this age group then we will go to other ages groups,” the Minister pointed out.

Health Workers at several health centres around the country have been providing the vaccines to persons who can prove that they are 60 years and older.

Even as the Ministry roll out this vaccine campaign, another death was recorded on Monday, bringing the total COVID-19 related deaths to 208.