Gun, ammo, gold, diamond and cash stolen from house as family goes on outing

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A family who decided to secure their home at No. 6 Village Corentyne, Berbice to spend a day watching a horse racing meet, returned home to find their house broken into.

Upon checking, they realised that one shotgun and twenty cartridges, a quantity of gold and diamond worth close to two million dollars and two hundred thousand dollars in cash were all missing.

According to what was communicated to BIG Smith Crime Watch, the house seems to have been broken into during the bright day light as the family left their home at approximately 11:30 hours and returned home close to 18:30 hours.

The door which the person or persons used to gain entry to the building is also said to be positioned in such a manner that once persons attempt to use that access, they can and would be seen by persons who are traversing the area.

The police have however questioned a number of person about the incident but no proper information to assist them in their investigations was gathered.

The house is also said to be heavily grilled in addition to several other security measures which are used by the owners to secure the property when they are either at home or out.



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