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GTA hosts JUNIOR TOURISM CHEF Cooking showcase


The Guyana Tourism Authority hosted its Junior Tourism Chef cooking showcase, paving the way for students to develop their culinary skills with an aim to further place Guyana’s Tourism Sector at a height where it is recognised internationally for the Top Tier Ethnic and Cultural Cuisines.

Today, two teams each, from the Linden Foundation Institute and the Silver City Secondary School gathered at the Egbert Benjamin Centre at Region 10 Linden, to participate and to showcase their newfound cooking skills.


The youngsters were tasked with making a full meal which consisted of a main course and an appetizer dish.


Judging was done by Chef Kester Robinson who expressed his enthusiasm as the youths laid out their creations, lauding the exceptional taste and presentation of the meals.

He advised them on the areas they could have improved in the process, and shared his views on how food in general plays an important part in a country’s tourism development, while emphasizing the need for more youths to develop similar skills.

Representatives from the various teams spoke with the BIG Smith News Watch expressing their joys at being part of the activity and spoke about their inspirations and aspirations in this field.


The young men and women beamed with pride as they laid out their finished products, citing that this initiative was quite a beneficial journey.


Participants were awarded with a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication to the event.