Granger donates cash grant to 5 Mocha-Arcadia residents

Former President and PNC Leader David Granger has donated his $25,000 cash grant to five villagers from Mocha-Arcadia, an area located on the East Bank of Demerara. The PNC in a release on Monday said the donation was made on after the former President received the cash grant . Granger was videoed as he received the government COVID 19 relief grant sometime over the weekend.

The party said that its leader bemoaned the size of the grant as he said it cannot compensate for the loss of four months of earnings by persons who have been dismissed. The APNU/AFC coalition has been highlighting the dismissal of several persons by the government, the coalition said many of these persons are public servants.

The party said the former president has recommended that persons who have been “unfairly dismissed” to be re-employed as the “best relief”.