GPL’s fuel concerns fixed by local suppliers 

GPL’s PRO Shevion Sears

The planned load shedding (power outages) which were planned by the Guyana Power and Light for several communities across on Thursday and today, Friday are not likely to happen. In-fact, the load shedding for Thursday evening were not brought into effect and the company anticipates that today’s planned schedule will also not be required to be brought into effect.

This is according to the Public Relations Officer of the company, Shevion Sears who said that these schedules were given following in-house projection due to generation shortfall issues which hinged on delay in fuel delivery by overseas contractors.

In an interview with BIG Smith Crime Watch this morning, Sears noted that local suppliers have been able to supply the company with the needed fuel until the arrival of the schedule delivery by the overseas contractors which should be done over this weekend.

“You can expect reliability, even at the peak hours last night we were 119 MW and we had excess so i could assure our customers that they will have reliably service within the next few days” Sears confidently noted.

Asked about the release which stated that several areas were likely to be affected by power supply, the PRO said that there are times when based on the internal assessment done by the technical teams, the power company would see it fit to at least issues statements which would serve as an advisory to customers so that they can put the necessary systems in place to alleviate the impact of the load shedding and disruption of power supply.

“We would put out the releases to give customers a warning so that they could plan for the load shedding, however because of our own works internally even though the releases have been issued, we sometimes are not required to have interrupt the power supply to our customers” Shevion stressed.

On the issue of the fuel delivery to the company in order for it to meet the generation capacity, the Guyana Power and Light is expected to have its delivery made this weekend. 

With the festive season fast approaching, GPL is said to be gearing up to ensure that Guyanese enjoy a Christmas with little or no power outages the PRO noted.

She said GPL plans to deliver nothing but the best to its customers. 

“GPL, we have over the years been working to ensure we provide our valued customers with reliable service and this year is no different” lamented the PRO.

She spoke of several remedial and capital works which were done to make this possible including the repairing of the submarine cable as well as the commissioning of two new power plants in Berbice and Essequibo which are now providing adequate generation capacity for the Demerara Berbice Inter-connected System.

We foresee that we will all have a wonderful Christmas, Shavion Sears noted.