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GPHC Director of Nursing to know fate in 1-2 days following allegations, probe

BACK ON THE JOB: GPHC’s Director of Nursing Keith Alonzoย 

A senior official within the administration of health sector has confirmed that a probe was been conducted into the allegations leveled against Director of Nursing Services of Georgetown Public Hospital Keith Alonzo and the findings are likely to be communicated to the parties involved within a day or two.

โ€œWe will speak after the parties involved have been briefed on the findings of the investigation in a day or two, an investigation was done, report submitted and a decision on the findings is being consideredโ€ BIG Smith News Watch was informed.

Written statements were submitted to a four-member panel by all parties involved, this publication was informed. We were also told that the panel comprised of person both within and outside of the Georgetown Public Hospital and had a gender make up of one male and three females.

Alonzo who was sent off the job in December to to facilitate the probe of allegations made against him by several nurses who took their complaints to Social Media personality (Melly Mel) is now back on the job and that seems not be sitting well with the nurses who expressed their concerns with the manner in which he usually treats junior members of staff.

โ€œEverything is being done according to the procedures, not sentiments. Anyone can make an allegation which must be investigate, all side must be hear, evidence evaluated, then decision made, he is entitled to a hearing and that is the situationโ€ a health administrator told BIG Smith New Watch.

In the social media complaints, the nurses spoke about the Director of Nursing making disparaging remarks being towards them and exercising a high-handed approach even to nurses who are pregnant, unwell and in some cases, experiencing their monthly cycle.

Social media postings show that a number of nurses are planning to protest the return to Matron Alonzo since they are not aware under what grounds he was returned to the job. They are contending that no explanation was given to the affected nurses who made the complaints against him and they are now feeling they would be victimized with him still being their superior after making the complaints against him.