265 Traffic cases made on Monday

The Guyana Police Force’s Traffic Department across all Regional Divisions collectively made 265 cases for Monday, September 25.


That number of cases included 74 for speeding and four 4 for Driving Under the Influence.


The efforts are intensified with a view to curb poor usage of the road by motorists who are engaged daily in empowerment sessions by traffic ranks countrywide. 


Fluctuations daily in cases made are suggesting that the traffic posture is having some effect, but there is still a way to go to achieve a zero accident report.


Motorists are urged to slow down, don’t drink and drive, utilise designated drivers who are sober and capable, buckle up, and arrive alive.


Suggestion boxes are in effect, Regional Road Safety Councils and other partners are engaged to bring about a positive shift in the mindset of motorists, all in an effort to ensure public safety on the roadways.


Broad based engagements with public transportation providers/drivers association, religious bodies, among others, are unfolding to have positive message delivery and impact. Enforcement and Education are done to complement each other.