Govt’s 2nd supplementary budget for 2021 raises questions

As the government is requesting the approval of the National Assembly for some $26 billion in two supplementary financial papers, Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon said he is concerned about this move. The papers are expected to be approved tomorrow Thursday when Parliament sits. Among the requests the government is making is approval for some $5 Billion it spent for cash grants for sugar workers.

The workers who were laid off by the APNU/AFC Government in 2018 were all paid severance. However, the PPP/C government announced the provision of cash grants for the sugar workers, most of whom were re-hired. These grants were recently distributed.

On Wednesday, Harmon questioned by the Ministry of Agriculture has been distributing the cash grants, “Why is this money, why is it not paid to GUYSUCO that is the normal requirement and then GUYSUCO pay the workers,” Harmon asked.

The Opposition Leader questioned too, by the government is seeking to pass another supplementary budget, the second such time of request it made for this year, the first being made in June this year, three months after the national budget was approved.

Among the other sums the government is seeking, are  $4B to clear arrears of the Guyana Power and Light, $7.7B for the Ministry of Housing and some $21B for indigenous projects.