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Gov’t should not be involved in business- Says presidential hopeful

Presidential Candidate of the United Republican Party Dr. Vishnu Bandhu

Presidential hopeful Dr. Vishnu Bandhu of the United Republican Party (URP) is of the view that the government should be involved in no form of business and business should be left up to the private sector.

He put forward his point to BIG Smith News Watch via a phone interview following a meeting with the private Sector Commission on Tuesday.

Bandhu, the Presidential Candidate for the URP noted that he communicated those and other policies to the PSC as things which would top on their agenda should they win the upcoming elections.

“Government should not be involved in businesses; the government should be interested in public infrastructure and let the private sector run businesses because they will in return see the government getting bigger revenues. They (government) need to privatize everything. All the businesses that they held failed” the URP Leader told BIG Smith News Watch.

When asked that businesses’ government ran and failed, he pointed to Sugar.


Dr. Vishnu Bandhu in his interview related that if government hands business over the private sector, progress would be seen all around as he stressed the need for there to be a steady market for goods and products being produced by local farmers and manufacturers.

“That is one of the biggest concern we have in Guyana, we just can’t grow and produce and expect that our people alone will consume because we don’t have the numbers for it” Bandhu stressed

He believes that his party has the vision that would cause Guyanese who are abroad to return home and invest and build their country as according to him; “A lot of Guyanese want to come home but they will not do it under the PPP and APNU”

The presidential hopeful also spoke of the voters’ list where according to him, every five years we have about 20, 000 new voters and now there is an additional 90,000 new voters. “From 2011-2015 we had about 20,000 new voters how have we jumped to 90,000 now?” he questioned.