Gov’t owes BK $1.3B and sues for $8.4M says Company

BK Group of companies say that the government owes it some $1.3 billion for contracts executed in various sectiors. This indebtedness dates back to 2010 the company said. Among the records produced by the company, it is owed some $21,388,089 for  works on the Supenaam Wharf.

A further $82, 468,100 is owed to it for sea defence works funded by the European Union since September 5, 2012. The Company said that the Ministry of Works is still to pay $26,330,520 for works on the Ogle Airport Expansion project. This money the company said is outstanding since April 12, 2012.

Citing several other projects, the Company said that in September 2013, it completed the Parika/Supenaam roll-on/roll off ferry but  the government is still to pay the outstanding $37,530,784.

The Company listed work on the West Coast Demerara road project which was completed nearly a decade ago. This project was a joint venture with a Jamaican company, SBK. The government is still to pay the valuation of US$4,399,589 or G$879,917,800.

Additionally, the government further owes the company for works on sea defence projects at Mahaicony.  BK International cited the breach at Prospect, Mahaicony that was sealed on January 12, 2021 as it said the government is still to pay $98,797,104 the company. Another breach at Content was completed but the government is still to pay the outstanding $94,501,978 said the company.

On May 11, 2020 BK International completed construction for a building now occupied by the Environment Protection Agency. It is still to be paid $15,432,455 the Company said too.

Attorney General Anil Nandlall, S.C., has moved to court to collect on outstanding arrears in rental for a Water Street, Kingston Georgetown bond facility from BK Marine– a subsidiary of the BK Group of Companies.

In court papers, Nandlall outlined BK Marine’s failure to pay for the rental from August 1, 2009 to January 15, 2021. As a result, he says, the arrears now amount to in excess of $8.4M.
Nandlall has therefore asked the Court, to grant an order that BK Marine deliver up possession of the property, which measures 43,966 square feet within one month’s time. He is also asking for a declaration that BK Marine committed trespass in its continued occupation of the bond space.

Given the huge indebtedness by the government, the company now wants to know if it is on a money grabbing drive. Managing Director of BK International, Brian Tiwarie in a short response to the announced court action said that he has had to fund the government’s indebtedness. He said that workers have to be paid regardless of whether the government pays its debt or not. Tiwarie declined to comment on Nandlall’s actions.