Govt could give more money to healthcare workers

As President Irfaan Ali announced a two-week equivalent bonus pay for health care workers, the Alliance for Change, the opposition’s coalition member says that the government could give the workers more money. On Thursday, President Ali made the announcement at an engagement at the Leonora Diagnostic Hospital, “I promised that the government will address this issue before the end of the year, the President said,  “we also backed that promise up by setting aside $150 million in the budget to support these professionals in the pandemic,” President Ali pointed out.

While the President provided no further details on the bonus, he promised that the monies would be paid before the end of December while acknowledging that health care workers remain on the “frontline” in the fight against the COVID 19 pandemic.

Asked if the government’s promised “bonus” is reasonable, AFC’s Vice Chairperson Cathy Hughes while applauding the announcement said that the health care workers should be receiving a larger stipend, “we are happy, but we think that given the current situation and all the funds that are being acquired for COVID, more could have been given,” the former Member of Parliament told the media.

Earlier in the last quarter, nurses in different parts of the country picketed outside various public health institutions calling for more other things better working conditions, increased risk allowance and salaries and adequate and steady supply of protective gear.