Govt and Opp now argue over legality of decisions made by Walrond

Even as the opposition coalition says it was vindicated by the ruling of the Chief Justice on the Oneidge Walrond;s member of parliament status, the government maintains that it took “expeditious remedial action” to correct what it says is an “error of law”. On Thursday morning, Chief Justice Roxane George ruled that Walrond’s appointment was unlawful.  Walrond, who was sworn in as a member of parliament in September held dual citizenship at the time, she was a citizen of the United States. Attorney General Anil Nandlall told the court this morning that Waldron was sworn in as a member of Cabinet on the 1st December, she will be sworn in as a member of parliament at the next sitting of the House. 


Meanwhile, the APNU/AFC coalition has specific demands of Walrond, in a statement the party called on Walrond to “refund the state, in full, all funds expended on her salary and emoluments since August 2 to present”. The coalition is also calling on Walrond to issue a public apology for that is said was her “wilful and barefaced attempt to deceive” Guyanese. The Party in its statement said it views that “all actions, appointments and decisions” taken by Walrond during period in question as null and void. But Attorney General Anil Nandlall told the court that “legality of all actions and or decisions of Minister Waldron prior to the 1st day of December 2020, would be saved and cured by the De Facto Doctrine and the Doctrine of Necessity”. This doctrine would allow the actions taken by Walrond when she was not considered a member of parliament, to remain valid 

Attorney General Nandlall in a statement following the court matter said that Walrond’s Affidavit which confirmed that her appointment predated her relinquishment which is testimony that the government is committed to upholding the rule of law.