GNBS opens office in Mahdia to monitor products, verify measuring devices

The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) this week opened its first office in Mahdia, Region Eight to begin monitoring products and verifying scales, petrol meters and other measuring instruments in the region. The office was opened on Tuesday, November 30, 2021, by Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce Oneidge Walrond.

Delivering her remarks at the opening ceremony, Minister Walrond noted that the launching of a new GNBS office in Mahdia signals the Government’s commitment to decentralise the services offered to citizens across the country. She said “as a government, we want to ensure that no one feels less important than a resident of Georgetown. We want you to have the same access as those in the urban parts of the country.”

Providing an overview of the GNBS’ services, Executive Director (Ag) Ms. Ramrattie Karan explained that prior to the opening of the office in Mahdia, Inspectors would regularly travel to Region Eight to verify petrol pumps and other measuring instruments used by businesses there. But she said “as the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting travel restrictions have taught us, this is not the perfect option.”

Additionally, the ED Acting noted that with Mahdia declared a town, the GNBS has noticed an increase in the sale of bulk fuel in the Region which will require wider use of the GNBS’ verification services.

Further, the GNBS local office will be offering calibration services to gold miners who require calibration of their high accuracy or precision balances (scales). The GNBS Inspector will also be monitoring the quality of 17 products which falls under the purview of the GNBS, to safeguard consumers.

The opening ceremony was also attended by Regional Chairman Mr. Headley Pio, Mayor of Mahdia and President of the Mahdia Chamber of Commerce, Mr. David Adams, Deputy Regional Executive Officer Mr. Shaun Britton, Regional Commander Senior Superintendent Michael Kingston and others.

The Regional representatives welcomed the service noting that transportation costs to travel to Georgetown can now be avoided while the businesses in the Region will be pushed towards improving their standards.

According to a statement from the Bureau, the GNBS has now successfully established seven offices with the others being in Anna- Regina (Region Two), Vreed-En-Hoop (Region Three), New Amsterdam and Corriverton (Region Six), Bartica (Region Seven) and Lethem (Region Nine).

While in Mahdia, the visiting GNBS Team also held several meetings with stakeholders, conducted a lecture for students of the Mahdia Secondary School and participated in an interview on Radio Mahdia to create awareness of GNBS and its services in the region.

Stakeholders needing to contact the GNBS Mahdia office can call: +592-632-0731.