GLDA Re-launches AI program for small ruminant industry

The Guyana Livestock Development Authority on Wednesday re-launched its Artificial Insemination (AI) initiative for farmers in the small ruminant industry, which the GLDA head says will benefit farmers from all across the country in a tremendous way.

The small ruminant industry refers to the breeding and rearing of small livestock, particularly sheep and goats. This industry is one of the largest industries in the agricultural sector, as many farmers in all regions of the country are involved in the ‘mining’ of these animals.

The AI initiative is seeking to allow farmers to grow their livestock, and eventually, be able to have larger benefits from it.

In a brief interview on the sidelines of the simple ceremony, GLDA’s acting Chief Executive Officer Dr. Dwight Waldron stressed the importance of the initiative and called on farmers in the industry to benefit from the initiative. “Farmers have a chance now to call their shots and be their own bosses, meaning that they can now be in a position to do business and market their product in such a way that they can make [more] money,” Waldron said.

“With that now, the farmers will be able to have more meat within a shorter period of time so they can now be in a position to target the extractive sector, hospitality sector…so opportunities are there,” the CEO went on to say.

Minister of Agriculture Zulfikar Mustapha in his feature address, highlighted that Guyana continues to lead the way in the agriculture industry, as the country continues to advance the food security agenda in the Caribbean. While making this reference, the minister acknowledged the pivotal function of the GLDA in assisting the rapid movement of the agriculture industry.

“The GLDA has a very important role to play in this agenda and from its inception, the GLDA has been playing a very significant and important role…in the development of livestock in our country,” the Minister noted.

The GLDA, in its relaunch of the AI initiative, is expected to see an increase of about 50% in its distribution of the high-class AI method.