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Girlfriend blames ‘uncaring’ first responders for boyfriend’s death

What is left of motorcar PVV 1289 in which they young people were traveling


Ebony Greene, the girlfriend of Dakera Gritten a labourer (first victim in Homestretch Avenue crash) is blaming an uncaring group of persons who responded to the crash site that killed her boyfriend on Valentine’s morning on Homestretch Avenue.

DEAD: 19 year old Dakera Gritten

“Is the ambulance cause his death because people call them and they took their own time and when they come they went straight to the people who were trapped in the car in the water. The other people who were there before the ambulance came refused to take him to the hospital because they said they don’t police to question them and they don’t want to get involved” the young woman told BIG Smith News Watch.

She said that it was only after her boyfriend started bringing up blood that the EMTs attended to him and place him in an ambulance.

Shortly after that, it was observed that he was not breathing and as such was removed from the ambulance by the EMTs who explained that they do not transport dead persons, the young lady recalled.

She said on Saturday her boyfriend asked her to accompany him to a BBQ and she told him she had no new clothing so she would rather head home.

According  to her, while at home, she could not sleep and she began praying and shortly after, someone called her to report that Gritten was dead.

Tandeka Carter, the mother of Troy Glen who is still hospitalised said she last spoke with her son on Saturday night when he told her he was heading to a BBQ.

HOSPITALISED: 21 year old Troy Glen

The woman said she was inside washing when the mother of one of Glen’s friend came calling to alert her that Troy Glen was involved in an accident.

She related to this publication that she keeps hearing conflicting reports about the accident and among them is that the car in which her son and others were in.. was racing. Glen operates a business in Georgetown.

Hazaleia Halley, mother of Tonika Halley 18 years said she knew very little of the details surrounding the accident.

DEAD: 18 year old Tonika Halley

The woman said she last saw her daughter on Saturday evening when the two were speaking about her (Tonika’s) one year old baby.

The mother of Joel when contacted via phone indicated that she had just reached to the city and was in the process of dealing with her son’s incident.

The totaled car
The mangled car

The driver of the car is presently in police custody assisting with investigations. This morning we were told that he was being escorted to the Georgetown Public Hospital for medical attention.