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12-Y-O raped on way to church, later given abortion pills by suspect’s brother.

L-R Mario and Marlon Roberts who are wanted by the police

Police on the Essequibo Coast are hunting two known suspects who are wanted in relation to the rape of a twelve-year-old girl. Based on reports reaching this publication, the incident occurred on April 10th, 2021, at an indigenous community located more than five miles in land of the Essequibo Coast.

During an interview with this publication yesterday, Monday, one of the child’s guardians, detailed what reportedly transpired. According to the man, he lives together with his common-law wife at where he cares for a number of children.

The man said that on April 10th 2021, the 12-year-old girl left home around 13:45hrs for bible class at a church located about 15 minutes away from their home.

“On her way to church, she was approached by Mario Roberts, a young man in his 20s that lives in the same village. He then enquired about her wellbeing. After the brief encounter he then persuaded her to take a detour route, which is a very bushy track.”

The child’s guardian said that while on the ‘detour’ track, the suspect stopped, and reportedly tried to coerce the child into a sexual act while threatening to beat her if she did not comply.

After raping the child, the suspect reportedly laughed at her mockingly, saying, “all them lil girl got to pass through me.” The suspect then reportedly walked away, leaving the child alone.

On Sunday May 2nd 2021, the child reportedly confided in an older sibling that she was pregnant then eventually told her guardians that on April 21st, Roberts’ older brother, Marlon Roberts, approached her and handed her a pregnancy test. “she told us that he gave her two tablets to drink, and told her to drink it, because he does not want his brother to go to jail.”

Two days after the child took the pills, both suspects reportedly fled to the interior.

Last week Tuesday, the brothers were reportedly seen in the village, but went into hiding when police arrived. To date they have not been captured, and it is believed that they have once again fled to the interior.