GDF’s role in “economic trajectory” underscored

Development of the army’s human resources are on the cards says Commander in Chief President Irfaan Ali as he commits his government to the “retooling, reorganising and training” of the military. The Commander in Chief made known of his government’s commitment when he addressed Chief of Staff Brigadier Godfrey Bess and senior officers at a dinner to commemorate  GDF’s 55th anniversary, “next year I have already discussed with the Chief of Staff an aggressive programme to get more army officers registered in academic programmes aligned with the development needs of our country,” President Ali said as he spoke to government’s recent agreement with the University of the West Indies for scholarships. This would align with the country’s “economic trajectory” the President said.


As he committed his government to the development of the army’s human resource capacity the Head of state asked that the body should envision its role in the different sectors and while strategizing how it can prepare itself, “how do we prepare individually, how do we prepare collectively and how do we prepare the army itself for what and where the country is heading,” Ali said. Commander in Chief Ali in noting the 55th anniversary acknowledged while it is known as the retirement milestone, for the GDF, 55, signals “renewal of commitment, renewal of loyalty, renewal of spirt, renewal of our collective energy,” which can guide the country’s future prospects.

Guyana’s economic prospects and GDF’s role in the protection of those was not lost on Chief of Staff Brigadier Godfrey Bess, “Not so long ago, investment in the exploration of  our hydro carbon reserves was threaten when foreign forces forcibly removed exploration vessels from our sovereign waters, this must never happen again,” Bess declared, “these production assets must be secured and Guyana’s entire exclusive economic zone must be protected at all costs,” the Chief of Staff maintained.

The GDF is observing its 55th anniversary under the theme “together we toiled to arrive at fifty-five with greater efficiency for National Security.”