Gang of boys below 10-Y-O terrorizing community; police responds with excuses

The residents gathered at Barnwell north as they voiced their concerns to Minister Broomes on Saturdayย 

On Saturday a number of Residents from Barnwell North, Mocha, East Bank Demerara complained bitterly to Minister of Youth Affairs Simona Broomes that their community is being terrorized by a gang of young boys who are all below the ages of ten and repeated complaints to the police about the development have been met with only excuses.

The residents said that they would like police protection in the community as their houses are being broken into and persons traverse the area late at night to get home from work or lessons or others who are just going about their other businesses are being ambushed by the young men.

โ€œWe have issues with kids stealing from people and the police have this information, when you go to the police they telling you these are children and they cannot do anything and that it is the welfare who has to deal with themโ€ one resident in frustration, explained to Broomes.

It was explained that there is also reportedly a young man who escaped from one of the holding center and is walking freely in the community but this too was reported to the police with no real help.

The residents explained that the Mocha Outpost police would usually promise to come to crime scenes and never show up and in many other cases they would reportedly tell residents that they motorcycles are not working.

โ€œSo if the motorcycles never work, I guess they would never be able to serve crimes in this areaโ€ on resident asserted.

The meeting with the minister was held at the Barnwell North Bridge some tree miles from the main Mocha Arcadia community leading to the Backdam. The meeting was also attended by the chairman of the community and other members of the Mocha Arcadia Village Council.

They warned that if the police inaction continues in the community, residents may be forced to take action into their own hands as the police seems incapable of dealing with the very little crimes which can eventually elevate to the much more serious offences.

Just one week ago, Commissioner of Police Leslie James told the media that he is not necessarily bother about the crime situation, when he was asked to comment on the issue of petty crimes, crimes like the one the community of Barnwell is now complaining about.ย โ€œI am not necessarily botheredโ€ Top Cop on Crime Situation

โ€œWe want more senior officers here at the Mocha Outpost because at 9.O Clock in the night, the station is already closed up, after that hour, you canโ€™t get no help out of the police thereโ€ The residents told Minister Broomes.

The minister who is expected to present a report on her meeting with the community is expected to bring the security concerns of the Barnwell Residents to the President. The minister also noted that she was concerned about the issues raised by the residents and called on the N.D.C to reach out to the Police Commissioner and and bring these issues to to his attention.