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Fugitive who threatened to kill teacher arrested

CAPTURED: Stravo Evans 

The long arm of the law on Friday gripped Stravo Evans of 29 Games James Street Albouystown. Evans is the gentleman who had threatened a teacher that he was going to show up at her school and murder her and if she did not go to school, he was going to make his way into her home and carry out the act. Will the police be able to prevent this mother of six from being killed?

Evans treats reportedly stemmed from the woman refusing to continue a relationship with him.

Police ranks in Essequibo, Region 2 made the arrest of the man as he sat among water coconuts in the tray of a canter.

BIG Smith News Watch was informed that at around 15:00hrs, the police acted on intelligence they received that the man was making his way to the Pomeroon area.

The ranks put a posture in place and stopped the vehicle where they encountered two persons in the cabin of the canter, namely the driver and one other person.

The police proceeded to check the tray of the canter and it was there that they found Evans seated.

Evans was charged back on July 2018 at Farm, East Bank Demerara for possession of a .32 pistol and ammunition without being the holder of a firearm license. That matter was conducted and he was sentence to four years imprisonment and fined $75,000.

Evans however never served his prison sentence as he was sentenced in absentia which caused an arrest warrant to be issued for him.

Police are making arrangements to have the man brought to Georgetown where the allegation of threatening behaviour would be put to him.