Slowe denies fraud and sexual assault allegations

Paule Slowe reportedly tipped for 'big post' in APNU+AFC

Allegations of conspiracy to defraud the Guyana Police Force have been labelled false by Selwyn Pieters, lawyer for Chairman of the Police Service Commission and retired commissioner Paul Slowe. Slowe, who is out of the jurisdiction is said to be charged for conspiracy to defraud Force. Several other retired officers were charged and placed on bail on Thursday.

“The Guyana Police Force Corporate Communications Unit has levelled these false allegations and tarnished the good name and reputation of a series of former and current senior police officers, including Mr. Slowe who has had a distinguished 37 years of service as a police officer,” the statement said.

The allegations surrounds monies paid to the officers for work done on the revision of the Force’s Standing Orders. Slowe, through his lawyer said that work on the standing orders were done, ” There was no timeline in which the work was to be completed. The National and Regional Elections held in Guyana on the 2nd March, 2020 caused the process to be suspended. In the leadup to the elections, the location in which meetings were held became unavailable due to use by the Guyana Police Force for elections purposes,” the statement read.

The statement said that due to the restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, meetings to with the to deal with finalization of the Standing Orders “were not feasible.”

“Mr. Slowe is presumed innocent and will be pleading not guilty to these charges. His criminal lawyers will be vigorously defending this matter and look forward to the truth coming out in a
court of law.”

Slowe through his lawyer has also declared that allegations of allegations of sexual assault levelled against him are false, “The claim that she reported the matter to Assistant Commissioner Andries-Junor is also false. No touching at any time took place at any meetings Mr. Slowe attended,” the statement said.

Additionally, Slowe sees the charges against him and other officers as an attempt to prevent the commission from pursing several issues, “Because of the inflammatory manner in which the Guyana Police Force Corporate Communications Unit is peddling these false allegations the public’s record must be set straight and also, to protect the character and careers of Mr. Slowe, members of the Police Service Commission and Senior Police Officers, whose image the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) and Corporate Communications Unit seek to besmirch for collateral purposes having to do with disciplinary matters at the Police Services Commission involving several Senior Superintendents and the promotions of Senior Police Officers that has occupied the Court since January 2021,” the statement said.