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Frank ‘franks-it-up’ about working for Irfaan Ali

Frank 'franks-it-up' about working for Irfaan Ali

Dr. Frank Anthony receiving his instrument from President Irfaan Ali after being sworn in as Minister of Health in August, 2020

The “good leadership qualities” of the Head of State are being highlighted by a one-time contender for the presidency. Dr. Frank Anthony was in 2019 hoping to triumph over fellow party executives President Irfaan Ali, Gail Teixeira, Dr. Vindya Persaud and Anil Nandlall to be the partyโ€™s Presidential Candidate. Dr. Anthony, a Central Executive Member of the Peoples Progressive Party Civic later threw his support behind Anil Nandlall.


Dr. Anthony who is a serving member of President Ali’s Cabinet as Minister of Health credited the many “leadership and other qualities”ย  of President Ali he said people are unfamiliar with,

โ€œHe is very compassionate, he wants to see things done for people,” Dr. Anthony said pointing out that often persons affected by various distressing situations would reach out to the president, “we have had a lot of persons who were affected one way or the other by various illnesses and so forth and a lot of times when they reach out to the president he would often try to get us to resolve some of those issues so I think that shows that quality that really many people are not au fait withโ€ย  Dr. Anthony said


Minister Anthony credits the President’s “personal touch” as among the reasons many issues get resolved, “he would reach out and have discussions with his ministers and to point out perhaps how can we do this or how can we do that and I think that is a very commendable quality,” the Health Minister explained,ย “I want to compliment him for his leadership and at times his guidance as we move this country forward, I think there are quite a lot of qualities that the president has, one is he has a macro vision of where he wants to take the country, how he wants to lead it, Dr Anthony pointed out.ย 


Dr. Anthony explained that at the level of the party relationships and friendships go way back and that the party works as a team irrespective of who heads the party or wins the presidency.ย Dr. Anthony was at the time being interviewed by this publication for this Sundayโ€™s Episode of Focus with BIG Smith.

Frank 'franks-it-up' about working for Irfaan Ali
Dr. Frank Anthony makes a point to BIG Smith News Watch Editor Leroy Smith

Today the Irfaan Ali led government observes 100 days in office. While the APNU/AFC Coalition placed an F grade on the period with a F+, the government has tooted its horn about a number of initiatives it has achieved. This includes the liberalization of the telecommunications sector.