Four including police constable remanded for Matthew’s Ridge gold heist

In red with his haversack is businessman Balded Francis, in dark color jersey with water battle in hand is driver Ramesh Singh, in white shirt and hands over face is Leron Campbell who is a friend of the victim and in white jersery with head covered is Police constable Nedd

Exactly one week after they were arrested in connection with a robbery in Region 1 following were a large quantity of gold was taken from a 21 year old Brazilian Police constable, businessman among three arrested after gold heist   four men including a police constable appeared in Georgetown Magistrates Court charged with armed robbery.

Appearing at the Georgetown Magistrates Court were businessman Balded Francis; charged with possession of an unlicensed firearms and ammunition robbery under arms. he was represented by Attorney at law Jerome Khan, Ramesh Singh who was the driver of the car on the day of the robbery was charged with robbery under arms and police Constable Kort Nedd was also charged with robbery under arms and Leron Campbell. They were all remanded to prison until November 26 when they will make their appearance before the Chief Magistrate.

While the friend off the victim and the driver of the car were seen wearing handcuffs for their court appearance today, the police constable and businessman were seen with their hands swinging freely. the police force is in the habit of adopting this kind of approach whenever their own and their friends are brought before the court for various offences.

On the day in question, four persons with their faces masks, descended on the Matthew’s Ridge Airstrip where they relived their victim of his valuables including the gold. The men were at the time said to be armed with rifles and hand guns.

The following day, police ranks while conducting an intelligence led operation at Arakaka, North West District, intercepted a car where they discovered a quantity of fuel. In that vehicle were two persons including a businessman who subsequently led the police to a location where the weapons suspected to have been used in the robbery were hidden.

Those were taken out and handed over to the police and during interrogation, the name of the police constable was mentioned to the detectives and they made moves and had him arrested.

Among the items which were recovered as released by the police following their operations were two 9MM pistol handguns along with magazines, One AK47 Assault Rifle and magazine and a quantity of ammunition for the three weapons which were found., there was also a GPS tracking device and a camouflage jacket, according to a police statement.

The ammunition which the businessman who is also the mastermind of the crime, handed over to the police detectives

For months the police have been called upon to clarify how many weapons, if any that were recovered from criminals have been linked to other crime scenes and or if those weapons are part of the police force inventory.